Following the engagement between me and my beautiful fiancèe, we were discussing how the groom gets to the church, since the wedding car only collects the bride on the morning of the wedding. It leaves me and the groomsmen to either take our own cars or get a taxi.

I met my fiancée through her cousin Nathan, and I met Nathan at a Saxo car meet when we were 19, so we thought it would be a good idea if, rather than us taking our own cars to the church, we buy a Saxo, modify it over the next two years in to something we would've had at 19, and take it to the wedding, as a sort of tribute.

The idea grew and we ended up with the plan to buy three Saxos, enough to take all of the groomsmen to the wedding. The plan is to drive all three Saxos to the church on the morning of the wedding, then three of the groomsmen will drive the cars from the church to the venue after the ceremony, whilst I go with my newly wedded wife in the wedding car.

The progress of Project Wedding Sax will be documented here.